How to be an eco-conscious traveler

Sustainable Tourism 101

I got my first dose of responsible travel during a 2-week trip across the Philippines. I was working with a tour group called One Life Adventures, and the underlying premise of their business model was to create ethical, transformational travel experiences for adventurous individuals. Their goal when founding the company wasn’t just to provide another group tour service that shuffled their patrons from one crowded venue to another. No, their goal was to empower people to travel in a way that positively impacts the communities they visit, as well as make long-lasting, positive impacts on the environment.

Since that trip through Palawan, I’ve done a lot of thinking about sustainable travel, as well as tons of research because it’s still not talked about enough amongst young travelers. And while I don’t consider myself a novice traveler, I have to think that there are others like me who have heard of eco-tourism and responsible travel, but just haven’t learned enough about it.

That’s why I’ve decided to do a blogging series about responsible tourism. For the next few weeks I’m going to be publishing heavily researched articles about zero-waste travel gear, methods of travel that help keep our planet green, and industry leaders who are helping lead the charge in a worldwide fight to make the tourism industry more sustainable.

If want to join me on this educational journey (especially since taking physical journeys is still borderline impossible with COVID going on), be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can get updates on when I post a new addition to the blog series. Cheers, travelers!

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