50 Amazing Books for Travelers 2020

Words to Inspire and Encourage You onto Adventure Many people - myself included - will swear that traveling is the best time to crush some books. Whether we're trapped on a 12-hour plane ride, are spending the entire day on a train, or find ourselves in a hostel with less than useful WiFi, reading is … Continue reading 50 Amazing Books for Travelers 2020

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines 2020

Compared to the many countries of Southeast Asia, the Philippines stand out for several reasons. For one, the seven thousand islands are full of a rich culture and a complex history. Secondly, the Philippines are home to some of the kindest and most unique people you’ll come across. Not to mention, this gem that’s spread … Continue reading Best Places to Visit in the Philippines 2020

Southeast Asia Packing List 2020

For backpackers, there are lots of places we dream of going to, but for some reason Southeast Asia encompasses everything we want out of a trip. It’s inexpensive, full of adventure, rich in culture, and packed with awesome people.  Spread across nine different countries – Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and … Continue reading Southeast Asia Packing List 2020